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Photo of Peter Tse

Peter Tse

Founder / CFO

Peter Tse began exemplifying natural intuition for business when he began managing and overseeing operations at Tokyo Restaurant at age 17. After graduating from North Quincy High School and attending UMass Boston, twenty-year-old Peter, alongside life-long friend and business partner Jimmy Liang, opened Fuji Restaurant in 1998.  His ability to excel in a diverse range of skills quickly led his first restaurant to overwhelming success.  This propelled Peter to expand his business to the 112-seat Fuji 1546, which housed the largest bar in the City of Quincy. Shortly after came the opening of his other restaurants, B Café, Shabu Restaurant, Kama Lounge, Bistro Chi, Fuji at Kendall, Yocha, Shabu & Mein, Fuji at Assembly, and his most recent business venture, Fuji at Ink Block.  

Along with being an innovative chef and successful entrepreneur, Peter is also licensed in real estate and remains an active part of his community.  He participates annually in Father Bill’s Food Fest, which raises money to benefit organizations to help the homeless, and donates both his time and resources to a multitude of charity events such as the Quincy Hospital’s Asian Services Fund. Although he is currently focused on his goal of franchising the business, Peter still enjoys the art of being a chef and continues to enjoy seeing his innovative concepts come to life.