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Photo of Ming Cao

Ming Cao

Executive Head Chef - Sushi

In 2000, two years after entrepreneurs Jimmy Liang and Peter Tse opened Quincy’s first Japanese restaurant, Fuji Restaurant, sixteen­year­old Ming Cao started at the company washing dishes. Going above and beyond his duties, Ming could be found offering his help wherever needed. His modesty and hard work started paying off when only six months into working, his close observation of the sushi chefs and their skills piqued his interest, and he was offered an opportunity to become a chef himself. After displaying his potential, his natural skill was honed under the apprenticeship of owner/chef, Jimmy. Ming quickly learned and mastered the basics, and at 21, became head chef at Fuji 1546.

Ming has since become a staple figure in all JP Fuji Group’s on-site catering, competitive, and philanthropic events, e.g. the Taste of South Shore. He has also been featured in numerous publications and has trained over 25 chefs in the past 15 years. 2014 marked the beginning of Chef Ming’s culinary accolades as he placed bronze in an American Culinary Federation endorsed competition in North Carolina 2 years in a row. In 2015 alone, Chef Ming won first place in Kendall Square’s BYTEs competition, Assembly Row’s Chowdah Pot, QCAP’s Best Chef Competition going against Chef Paul Wahlberg, and Taste of South Shore’s People’s Choice. Over the years, Ming has developed a fusion Japanese style of cooking that bleeds through his innovative menu items. He has continued to reinvent himself as a chef, and hopes to one day become the next Iron Chef.