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Photo of Johnny Liang

Johnny Liang

Executive Head Chef - Kitchen

Middle son of the 3 Liang brothers, Johnny immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 10. He then attended Quincy High while tirelessly helping out at his dad’s Chinese restaurant. This experience in the kitchen would prove to pave the path for a life-long love for food.

When he turned 21, the crafty young man embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, opening a car repair shop, then acquiring a used car dealership within just 2 years. Though business was profitable, Johnny’s heart belong to his roots and his family. Knowing that his little brother needed help in the kitchen after launching Fuji 1546, Johnny dropped his own business and rolled his sleeves up. He excelled in wok toss as well as sushi! Though Johnny’s cooking skill was fine-tuned in the Fuji kitchen, it did not by any means fit his own flavor Profile. The second Liang brother traveled back to China profusely – at least once a year to be precise. Johnny adored nothing more than spicy and pungent Sichuan cuisine with its excessive use of chilies and exotic spices. He became obsessed with this tantalizing style of cuisine, attempting to recreate its exact flavor profiles when he came back to the States. Shortly after he got married in 2002, Johnny cooked Sichuanese dinners for his wife every single night.

This mouth-watering obsession caught the attention of little brother, Jimmy. When it came time to write the menu for Fuji at Assembly, Jimmy gave Johnny all creative freedom to spice up the wok-tosses. The eclectic menu was a hit. Johnny now has 2 children and wishes to travel to every city in China and recreate every iconic dish the culture has to offer.