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On-Site Catering

From in-home private dinners to office lunches, the master chefs and catering specialists at JP Fuji Group will always deliver the highest quality food and service right to your venue.

Business Consulting

Our experienced President/CEO and Chief Strategic Officer are able to offer expert advice for a wide range of businesses including but not limited to restaurant operations, construction, real estate development, and retail.

Business Planning

The JP Fuji Group executive team will help you map out a thorough plan for your business, addressing topics from business goals to attainability, to step-by-step instructions of reaching your highest business potential.

Floor Plans

The executive team at JP Fuji Group has over 50 years of combined real-life experience with restaurant build out. 11 restaurants later, this audacious team is beyond qualified to execute as well as offer advice on floor plans of any type.

Employment Opportunities

JP Fuji Group employs over 300 talented individuals from Quincy to Boston and up through Somerville and Cambridge. The company is always looking for motivated employees for front of house and back of house operations. If English is not your first language, JP Fuji Group offers ESL courses and other resources to ensure success for all.

General Contracting

Our Chief of Development, John Liang, utilizes his years of experience in the restaurant industry, in combination with his passion for construction, to oversee and manage all restaurant build outs in the JP Fuji Group portfolio. John and his team can assist you in every stage of construction and preconstruction planning, permitting, budget development, scheduling, and beyond.

Interior Design

The aesthetic of each JP Fuji Group restaurant plays an equally important role as the food being served. With experience creating 11 exquisite locations, the JP Fuji Group team is fluent in the language of design. The executive team can assist you in choosing layouts, color palettes, textures, and lighting to create a space that is both functional and awe-inspiring.

Lease Negotiation

With 11 restaurants under their belts, JP Fuji Group executives are not only highly skilled negotiators but also extremely well connected in the commercial real estate community.

Property Management

The executives of JP Fuji Group understand the work required to monitor and maintain multiple business locations. There is always landscaping to maintain, snow to remove, and systems in need of repair. Allow JP Fuji Group to take on some of the burden of owning a property, in order to focus on your sales and business growth.

Real Estate & Development

Our President/CEO Jimmy Liang and VP/CFO and licensed real estate expert Peter Tse know that growth is an indicator of a company's success. The company has expanded from a small Quincy restaurant to multiple locations through Boston and the surrounding areas. They are knowledgeable and capable of navigating the ups and downs of the real estate market to ensure a maximum return on your investment.

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